dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Blog post @ School??

Well, I finally found a way to get into blogs from my school computer so from now on I can post at school! Normally blog sites are blocked, but I'm happy I can post now !
It has been like 2 weeks since my last post and since then not a lot of things have happened but there's still some things to talk about. There won't be pictures this time because of my netbook, but oh well. I'm in marketing class now, and we're doing some presentations. What fun! The main things I did the last couple of weeks was just hangout with some people and have a lot of fun and I even went picking my own pumpkins and we're going to carve them soon! I started painting the basement so I have to finish that one of these days too ;) And then the biggest thing of all was going to see Paranormal Activity 3 :o That movie is insane! Made me pretty scared and I didn't really sleep well that night, haha. But I have to go now.. Talk to you later!!

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Finally, A new Post!

Well Hello there!
I know it has been a long time since I've posted on here. But due to me being to lazy and not wanting to recover my password I didn't really think of posting a new post! But here I am again, I recovered my password and I'm ready to inform you on my "adventures" in the States ;)
It has been such a long time ago I have posted and there's so many things I could tell, but I'm pretty sure I can't remember all of it! Well first of all, I've been sick for about 6 full days and that was kind of annoying and boring. I was tired all the time and had severe headaches, stomach pain and even a sore throat. Had to go to the doctor several times to get checked and had to take blood drawn too. This was the first time in my life I had to have blood drawn and it turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. But after being Absent at school for a week I could return and make up all homework that had to be done. Luckily I now have all A's and 1 B in Government so that's great! The next weekend I was still tired, but we went to The Cardinals (Baseball Game) and it was pretty awesome! I saw bats being broken, slides being made and even a HOMERUN! Everything I wanted to see, so it was awesome! The game was in St. Louis and it was about a 3 hour drive home. I slept the whole ride I think because I was really exhausted but I'm glad I went to the game and I will never forget it!

In front of the Cardinals Field

That weekend, we also had the Wienie Roast with the whole family in Illinois and it was very good! Delicious food, a nice setting, hot weather and a lot of people to talk to! I got to meet new family members and some of them are pretty awesome! :)
From that week I don't really remember a lot because I was all drugged out and I think the medicines just made me forget everything that happened so this is kind of what I remember from that week. The next week was just a normal week of school and some stuff in the weekend like usual. The usual party on Friday/ Saturday and Church on Sunday. I really like going to Bethel Temple (church) and I always look forward to go there. Eventually the medicines weren't needed anymore so from then on everything started to get better again. Then one weekend we decided to go to Los Bravos ( a Mexican restaurant ) and Carl came up with an idea to go there and wear sombrero's ! And we actually did it and got 10% off our total meal which was pretty amazing! The food there is really good and not expensive at all. And like in every restaurant, you get the big cups with drinks in them and the FREE refills! I still love this :D

in Los Bravos with Sombreros on :)

Then there was also some exciting news! We got a new puppy! It's a little yorkee and her name is Sophia! She is very small and very active ;) She sometimes is a pain in the but though! All the barking and fighting with the cats!

We also had another Family thing going on then, and this time it was with FISH :) It was pretty cool and we did some fun stuff like Hide and Seek, but I still was very tired from being sick... This can go on for a couple of months but I know that I have to sleep when this happens ;).
I also got my new outfit for Halloween and It is pretty Awesome! It's a solid black Spandex called a morphsuit and I already had so much fun with it! :D I'm pretty sure it will be fun at Halloween!
Last but not least, there's the Fall Festival! FRIED FOOD and Rides. I almost ate everything you couldn't think that would be possible! They have Brain sandwiches, Chocolate covered bacon, Fried cookie Dough, Fried green beans, Fried Oreos, Fried Ravioli and soooo much more. Everything is soooo good and I think the Fried Cookie dough is the best of all ! It's a whole week of street festival and I've been there every day of the week! It's really amazing! I also made a lot of new friends who are SUPER AWESOMEE! and we also went to fall festival together! I am doing very good and I'm very happy that I got this chance and I will never regret it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I Love you mommie and Daddy ;) And my host parents are amazing too. We understand each other and we do a lot of things together! Like today we went to the Zoo and It was really fun! I think I'll finish this post for this time and I hope that you will forgive me for the fact that it took so long to post in my blog!
Talk to you guys next week!

zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Oh, I love America!

It has been a week since i wrote in my blog, so it's about time to get a new post ;)
I will try to post every week on Saturday/Sundays. You'll probably want to know things that happened this week and I'm sure i will forget some things but I'll give you as much information as possible.

1st picture: My little sisters ;) ,
2nd picture: Me and Cecilie (exchange student from Norway)
3rd picture: Me and Carl having some Frozen Yogurt from Orange Leaf ( love it! )
4th picture: Maddie Gish, Me, Maddie Ziller and Cecilie at the football game :)

So, this week was my first full week in school and it went pretty fast! We got our netbooks at school this week and mine's still not working... Shame on you NHS ;)  School was pretty chill this week and I made it into Concert Choir! I'm also in Yoga class and these classes are sooo amazing :) I got kicked out of the soccer team too, because i'm not eligible to play.. It has been a hot week with some very nice weather in here but there wasnt very much happening at school this week. But then came the weekend, it isn't over yet but i already had an amazing time this weekend! I've been to lots of Stores and new Restaurants / Fast food restaurants. I also met my new host family today and theyre very nice! They have 2 children who still live at home ( Julia and Abigail ) and 2 other daughters who already live in their own houses. I also went to my first American Football game and I loved it! You can't even imagine how much fun we had that night after the game at Carl's house, where we had a big Party ( btw Carl's the most amazing American guy ever!) and we did lots of fun stuff! Then today I met my new host family like I already told you and we went to a Barbeque restaurant and offcourse I had to take the ribs and they were amazing!! After this we went to Sweet Cece's ( frozen yogurt place ) and after that we went to the mall where I bought some really amazing Hollister clothes! We also went to their house and I must say it looks pretty amazing and big! They also have some computers and an Ipad I can use to skype with my friends/family so I think it couldn't get any better ;) The weekend still isnt over because I'm planning some stuff to do right now and tomorrow we have another day + It's Mark's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mark, let's have a big party!
Ps: Restaurants been to in the USA: Mcdonalds, Wendy's, Orange leaf, Sweet Cece's, Red Robin ( huuuuuge Hamburgers ) and Shylers ( Love the ribs there :) )

zondag 14 augustus 2011

First week in America!

Hi everybody!!
This is my first post in America and i'm sure you guys are excited to hear about things that happened! The first 3 days in New York were amazing! The big apple is such a big city and there' too much to do in only 3 days, so we had very long walks but went to some stores too such as Abercrombie, Hollister and Superdry store. In our hotel we had Kingsize beds, a tv, a fridge, microwave, airconditioning and much more. We stayed at the Hampton inn and suites and it was amazing! After the 3 days we had to get up at like 4am to get to the airport and fly over to Evansville Indiana with a stop in Chicago. After about 4 hours of flying I arrived in Evansville. I got out of the plane and it was soooooo warm! I went into the building and started walking towards the exit and there they were, i think they were with about 15 or more people standing there waiting for me. They all welcomed me and we got my luggage and started heading for school, where i had to meet my counselor and make my schedule up for school. When this was done i had to go to the doctor to get my physical for soccer practices! After that we went to my new home and we had a lovely dinner. We had to eat quite quickly because i had soccer practice at 6pm ( it changed to 7Pm, so i had like an hour of free time). My first soccer practice was amazing, they have a good soccer team at north and we already won our first 2 games yesterday at the Jamboree ( i didn't get to play because you need 10 practices first! ) Since I arrived here I've had soccer practice every day and it's fun! For school, I had made up a schedule which i thought would be great but after 2 days i changed it. So now i'm taking English, Choir, Enrichment, UsGov, Marketing, French 5 and Precalculus. I actually love high school at North high school. Its a big and great school. I had to get used to all the halls though, but its not that hardif you have a map ;) I had so much fun this week because i just love it here and I'm definately going to have tons of more fun! I also had my first pool party and Storm at the same day and it was pretty cool to see all of this! This should be it for this week, so see you guys next week ( somewhere around saturday/sunday)

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Welcome Family known!

Since yesterday I know where i'll be staying the next couple of weeks!
My Welcome family is the Bush family, who live in Evansville.
I will be staying at their house with another exchange student from Norway and I can't wait to go there!

This will be my first post and I hope that there will be lots of more posts once I'm in America!!